Each Savor Life machine features a menu display that users can scroll through for product info, and a card reader where they can swipe to pay for whatever they want. Customers can take anything they like out of the vending machine to examine it without risk of being billed erroneously if they put the items back. RFID tags are affixed to each item, and tell the machine automatically the items a customer carries away, and how much to charge their card.

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You either have to be the size to warrant the buildout of an onsite cafe or cafeteria, or you need to have pretty deep pockets for a catered-food program for employees. Otherwise, you’re basically stuck with the usual packaged snacks from Costco [Wholesale] or, worst-case scenario, the old-time vending machine in your office. Contact us today to learn more about getting a smart vending machine for your employees

“Food is a prism. Peer into it and you see America’s greatest challenges refracted: health, sustainability, equity. Solving these challenges in food is a momentous task. But do it there, and we can do it everywhere.”

—Curt Ellis, Founder/CEO,FoodCorps

Healthy and Happy. Delivered Fresh!

At Savor Life we understand High-Quality food is a luxury most people simply can’t afford. They purchase fast food at a low price with an even lower quality, sound familiar? Wouldn’t it be incredible if there was a way to make food available that was affordable and most importantly, high in quality? At Savor Life we have cracked the code to sustainability and modeled our business behind this very thinking. The one thing 99% of the population spends more money than any other commodity is food. So imagine the food we could do if we can just make quality food affordable for everyone. Join us in the fight for quality food a let’s make a real difference in the world!


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What does the Co in Savor Life Co Stand For?


It doesn’t stand for Corporation and it doesn’t stand for Company.

It stands for Cooperative

As in worker owned cooperative

So what is a worker owned cooperative?

Worker-owned cooperatives are business enterprises that are owned and governed by their employees. All worker cooperatives have two common characteristics: 1) member-owners invest in and own the business together, and share the enterprise’s profits, and 2) decision-making is democratic, with each member having one vote. Currently, there are over 300 worker-owned cooperatives in the U.S. operating in a diverse range of industries. While the majority are small businesses, with fewer than 50 workers, there are also notable larger enterprises.

Worker-owned cooperatives in the United States can be traced back to the early labor movement, when workers—especially artisans and craftsman—formed cooperatives while on strike or after a strike had failed. For example, after a 1794 strike in Baltimore, shoemakers self-organized a shoe production facility under worker ownership. In the 1880s, the Knights of Labor helped organize hundreds of worker cooperatives.

Worker-owned cooperatives play a critical role in building community wealth for several key reasons:

  • They create quality, empowering jobs for community members.
  • Since most workers are community residents, worker cooperatives are more likely than other businesses to employ sustainable business practices that do not harm the local environment, and profits are more likely to remain and circulate within the community.
  • As democratically run organizations, cooperatives help member-owners develop critical leadership skills and practice direct, grassroots decision-making.
  • They allow employees to accumulate wealth and build assets through having an ownership stake in the cooperative.

Community Involvement

Our favorite local non-profits

The Green Urban Lunch Box

An innovative Non-Profit using creativity to promote urban agriculture and fight hunger in Salt Lake City Utah.

Their Mission: To empower people to engage in local food production by using the resources available in their community. They do so by connecting people to a creative network of spaces and opportunities. “At The Green Urban Lunch Box, we use innovative techniques to find new and creative solutions to the age old problem of hunger. Our programs focus on maximizing existing resources to not only fight hunger, but also strengthen the communities in which we work.”

Wasatch Cooperative Market | Salt Lake City, Utah - What is the Wasatch Co-op?

Our appetite and desire for fresh, local food has outgrown the twice-a-week seasonal market. The Wasatch Cooperative Market will help us find fresh, local food every day--whether it's a Wednesday in July or one in the middle of December. Watch this quick video and hear from some of their Founding Member-Owners! Simply put, it's a grocery store!

Julia Partain

Changing the world one bite at a time.

The Savor Life Co is on a mission to change the world by being at the forefront of food innovation and becoming synonymous with Conscious Consumption for the price conscious person. Combining fresh food vending machines (Byte Foods), an automated chef (Moley Robotics), and self-driving meal delivery (Elio Motors) we get the basis of our plan for a smarter kind of food company with the ability to produce high quality meals at a low price.

Savor Life Co

The Savor Life Co is on a mission to change the world by being at the forefront of food innovation and becoming synonymous with Conscious Consumption for the price conscious person. As computer-processing power doubles each year and the robotics and hardware industry becomes more cost effective, it only makes sense for the food industry to innovate with it.